When do you offer classes?

Prelude Music is pleased to be able to offer classes 7 days a week  during daytime and evening time slots.  If there is a certain time you would like a class to be offered.  Please follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter.  We ask every semester when customers would like classes offered and that is the best place to make a request and be kept up to date regarding classes.

Do you run classes all year round?

Yes, we offer 4 semesters each year.  There is a Fall (Sept-Dec), Winter (Jan-March), Spring (April – June) and Summer (July-Aug).

How long and how much does it cost?

Every semester changes based on how many weeks.  Currently pricing is set for classes for children 2 years of age and under  (30 mins/wk) is $10/class but paid by the semester.  A semester can range anywhere from 8-12 weeks meaning the total cost for the semester is $80-120 no tax, registration fees etc.,  3-5 year old classes are 45 minutes in length and cost $14/class but paid by the semester, therefore, you can expect to pay somewhere between $112-168. The Intro to Instrument classes (5-6) return to 30 mins and cost $12/class.  These semesters are only 10 weeks, therefore the cost is $120.

How do I register?

When registration is open for the upcoming semesters you can click here to register online.

When do parents stop attending with children?

In Melodies & ABCs we believe parents should stay with their children all the way through.  Not because the children can’t attend on their own but more so because the parents need to know about the musical concepts being taught to eventually help them practice at home.  Also there are studies that support the higher the bond between parent and children the less likely they are to become bullies in school and its fun to take some time to play with your child.

Do you offer any siblings discount?

Prelude Music does not offer a siblings discount, however, we do have a Loyalty Program, where if you purchase 7 semesters of Melodies & ABCs, your 8th semester is Free.  You collect semesters as a family, therefore if you have multiple children, you will receive your free semester sooner than if you were collecting per child.

Do you offer a family class, for multiple ages?

No, Michelle has thought long and hard about offering this type of programming and always comes to the same conclusion.  The larger the age spread the more music recreation the lessons have to be.  One of the things Michelle prides herself upon, is how much the children are learning in each age level.  If we opened up the age ranges then we couldn’t be as skill focused.