Music Therapy Groups Offerings

Prelude Music offers a variety of music therapy groups sessions. We tailor our groups to the needs and requests of the community and our families.

Interested in any of the groups we’ve offered in the  past or have a group idea you’d like us to offer contact us:


Making Friends, Making Choices
2-3 yr olds
Children will be provided opportunities and skills to develop and maintain friendships with their peers.  Chances to make choices, be the leader and support peers choices will be the focus of this fun and engaging sessions. Parent/caregiver participation is required.

Movin’ & Groovin’
4-5 yr oldsPreschool Music Therapy Group
Join us as we shake and move to music. A variety of dances, instrument play and lots of fun occurs during these sessions.  Following 1-2 step instructions, motor co-ordination and building friendships will be some of the outcomes of this session.  Parent/caregiver participation is dependent upon needs.

Story and Song
4-6 yr olds
Participants will practice social skills and executive function skills in this collaborative group combining story-telling and song-writing. Each week will include a new or familiar story crafted into a mini-musical presentation. The hour will be divided into stages: brainstorming, planning/creating and performing. Each participant will have a craft they created to bring home with them each week.

Music and Speech
Ages: 3-6 yr olds
Participants will practice a variety of communication, language and various aspects of speech in a fun and exciting way.  The use of song has long been seen as a motivator to improve speech capabilities.  These sessions will provide participants with a chance to make choices, practice both non-verbal and verbal communication skills as well encourage confidence in their communication with others.



Song Writing Group
9-12 yr olds

Song writing is a great tool to work on social skills, group cohesion, academic skills and so much more.  Students will work as a group to write and record original songs and lyric re-writes.  No previous music experience is required, therapist will lead students through the entire process.

Small Group Choir
10-14 yr olds
Love to sing and looking for more opportunities?  Our small group choir will be comprised of 6-8 students who will join their passion and voices to create music together.  Reading ability is not required, songs will be taught in a variety of ways making it inclusive for all abilities.



Leaders in Music
13-17 yrs old

The adolescent years are times of great growth and change. In a supportive musical environment participants will form their unique identities, discover individual strengths and have opportunities to be leaders while exploring the dynamics of social interaction. Teens may attend independently or with supports/parents, based on their needs and comfort level within a group.

Group Music Therapy

Open Mic
17-22 yrs old

Making music with others has a unique power.  Participants in this program will have the opportunity to request songs, take leadership roles in singing or playing instruments or just jam along with their friends. If rocking out to good music is your thing, this is the group for you! Participants may attend independently or with supports/parents, based on their needs and comfort level within a group.