Can You Hear Me Now?

For most adults, being able to communicate is something we take for granted. We will call, write, text, tweet, Facebook, ’til our hearts contents or maybe now a days it has become more of an obsession.  I saw a stat somewhere online that said, 80% of individuals can’t remember the last time their phone was more than 25 feet from them. Every thought, for better or for worse, seems to be discussed or documented in some way.


Now imagine you had no physical voice. Even worse, imagine your texting/tweeting/social media fingers didn’t work and not only were all of your “amazing” thoughts, witty banter about your day trapped inside your own brain but you also didn’t have a way to express your emotions, or opinions.  For most if not all of us, it would be (to put it bluntly) living hell on earth.  But for some individuals it is their reality.


One of my goals and passion is to help create a voice for those individuals who don’t have one or who may not have the physical abilities to express themselves musically with traditional instruments.  Through the help of technology this is all possible with an “instrument” call The SoundBeam which turns physical movement of any size into sound/music.


During my internship at the Victoria Conservatory of Music, I was fortunate enough to work along side of amazing music therapists as well as state of the art technology.  I have first hand seen the benefits and possibilities The SoundBeam can have with clients and how we can turn the smallest movement into a symphony of sound.  This allows individuals who may not have a voice in any other area of their life a chance to express themselves in a way that not even traditional instruments can provide them.


Sounds like there’s a catch?  Well there is.  The SoundBeam costs between $8,000-10,000 and for a small business that is a lot of money to have squirrelled away just for one instrument or piece of equipment. However, one day an opportunity was presented to me and I had to jump.


If you have ever attended our Melodies & ABC’s classes you know that I finish each class with a musical story.  One of my favourite publishers is and has been Barefoot Books, I have been utilizing their stories since 2010.  I often receive comments from parents and educators about where I found these books as they too enjoyed them.


Prelude Music and TogetherTime Company have partnered up to create a Singalong Book Club Fundraiser.  All of the books will be from the Barefoot Books company; all are beautifully illustrated and have a lovely song that goes along with it.  The books come with a CD with multiple versions of the story on it (lyrics and instruments, just instruments etc.) and the CD can also go into your computer and play a digital interactive version of the story.

How does the fundraiser work?

Cost of the subscription? $18.99/month (Inscription + Taxes INCLUDED)

lable example

What do I get for that price? Monthly you will get a personalized new story with CD


How does it help? A portion of the sales from each month will be given to Prelude Music to put towards the purchase of The SoundBeam

Am I signing up for a certain amount of time? No, subscriptions can start and stop at anytime you wish.  
How/when will I receive the books?  All of the books will be ready for monthly pick up at Prelude Music.  Michelle will notify everyone of business hours when they can come can grab story.

Do I have to be a Prelude Music customer to take part in the fundraiser?  No, this fundraiser is open to anyone in Winnipeg.  Due to the fact the customer is picking up the book it is limited to Winnipeg and surrounding areas.

How do I sign up?  If you are interested in being part of the fundraiser please go to