Adapted Music Lessons

Do you have a neurodiverse child who wants to learn an instrument?

Struggling to find a teacher who is willing or has the skills to meet your child’s needs?

At Prelude Music, we can help! Three of our music therapists also provide adapted lessons to individuals who want to receive music lessons but might need some extra modifications to a traditional lessons. Our goal in these lessons is to teach musical concepts but add extra supports in regards to breaking down tasks/skill, modifying a lesson book/method, using our music therapy knowledge and training in a music lesson.

Get Started!

Sarah Kroeker, MTA, is our music therapist specializing in adapted lessons consultation.  The first steps would be for Sarah to meet with the individual looking for adapted lessons and having a 30 minute sessions.  Based of what Sarah sees in the session, information gathered from the individual and/or guardians, she will make a recommendation as to where we need to start on the musical journey, a short report will also be provided.   Possible outcomes could be: 1) start in music therapy sessions, this allows us to build skills required to have successful lessons and the goal would be to move them into adapted lessons when ready; 2) start in adapted lessons with either a music therapist or music educator; 3) start in traditional music lessons.


3o minute Consultation + report = $42+ GST

30 minute adapted lessons = $27.75 + GST
45 minute adapted lessons = $41.25 + GST
60 minute adapted lessons = $55 + GST

Looking to get started with a consultation? Fill out this form and we’d be happy to discuss the options, and set you up with a personalized lesson.

Please note:  Admin days are Tuesday -Friday and will be respond to you during those days.