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Musical Theatre Classes

Do you have a child who loves to sing, move, and act?  Do you catch them singing into a hairbrush or copying all the moves from their favourite Disney or Broadway show?  Those might be the signs to start them up in musical theatre classes!  Come join a welcoming, supportive, and fun musical theatre class that will have your kids loving coming to class each week!  Watch them grow as a person while they work in both large and small group settings under the support of Jacqueline Arthur, MM, BMUS.


Enrollment is ongoing for students, they can join or quite at any point in the year.  We do recommend the best times for entering and exiting the class are: beginning of year, end of Decemeber/new year or spring break.
Payment is monthly at the beginning of the month.  $28/week.

First Class Oct. 15th 2023

Classes are 60 minutes each week.

To Reserve your spot please sign up here.

Sundays Age 7-12 year olds – 1:30-2:30pm

Sundays Age 13-18 year olds – 2:45-3:45pm

Piano Jams!

Kids often worry that playing the piano will be hard to do, and at-home practice will feel more like homework than something they enjoy.
We work on eliminating this belief by establishing some quick wins for our students, so much so that within just 2-3 lessons, your child will have the basic skills needed to play their favorite songs!

Our lessons are based on the Piano Jam method, which teaches kids how to play the piano in an all-keyboard ensemble. The program uses a tier system (like you might see in a karate class) that motivates kids to practice so they can ‘level up’ to the next skill level. Kids in this program learn the skills taught in private lessons, but they also learn how to play along with pop songs or jam with friends who play other instruments.

Instead of your child performing alone on stage in a recital, they would perform with their peers in a band in a recital.

Does this sound like something they would enjoy?

Group classes are $28/week.

Classes are 60 minutes each week.
Payment will be invoiced monthly.  30 days notice is needed to terminate. 30 day money back guarantee!!

To Reserve your spot please sign up here.

Piano Jams – Saturday 2-3pm with Heather Grafe

Sing It Girls

This program is designed to intentionally focus on building confidence in the girls that participate, thereby minimizing feelings of anxiety, worry and low self-esteem.

The group is led by an experienced Music Therapist and each session the girls will get to:

  • learn ways to use breathing to help with stressful situations
  • explore new songs and sing as a group
  • enjoy fun activities related to composing songs and sharing
    *this is not singing lessons or individual singing it is a group singing program

We know that adolescents is a tricky time for most kids, and growing up in today’s world present a unique set of challenges like no other generation has seen.  Self-esteem and self-worth can be nurtured in girls so that they may grow to be confident young women and leaders.

Interested in registering please email
Classes start Saturday Oct. 14, 2023.

Private Music Lessons

Prelude Music is proud to offer private lessons for piano, guitar, bass, ukulele, voice, and cello and private/group music therapy services.  Our team of specialists work 7 days a week allowing lessons to happen when its convenient for you and your family.

Please note:  Admin days are Tuesday -Friday and will be respond to you during those days.


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