Music Therapy Groups Offerings

Music Therapy Speech Group

Do you have concerns your child is delayed in their speech?  Are looking to become more confident in communicating with and understanding them?  Does your child enjoy music?  If you answered yes to any of these questions we have a group for you.

In a one of a kind program, Prelude Music is teaming up with a Speech Language Pathologist to provide combined group music and speech programming.

Why choose a Music and Speech group?

Music can be a fun and engaging way to connect with your little one and support their developing speech and language abilities. It is a powerful motivator and a safe, predictable context for practicing emerging speech skills, particularly for children who have difficulty with speech sounds or who are late to talk. The combination of the music therapist and speech language pathologist’s backgrounds will be sure to have your child engaged, learning and practicing their skills either in class, at home or ideally in both settings.

Each group is different, depending on the needs and goals of the participants. After we get to know you and your child, we will figure out together what we can work on in our time together. For example, children might practice specific speech sounds, listening skills, or conversational turn-taking.

Parents are expected to be part of the classes as they will be offered coaching on how to continue to support their child at home. 

Not seeing what you are looking for or need a group on a different day? Prelude Music likes to tailor our groups to the needs and requests of the community and our families. Please drop us a line with your requests and we will try to accommodate everyone’s needs.